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" Tommy, driver, pompous know-it-all "

- Allison, when introducing Alpha Team, "This is Alpha Team"

Tommy is one of the main protagonists of Alpha Betas. He is the transportation expert of Alpha Team, a team secretly formed by The Energy Division, he is described as a natural born risk taker, and someone who makes quick decisions. He can be able to drive anything as he'll do anything to get from Point-A to Point-B.

He is voiced by Tyler Wine



He is shown to be short and chubby pale figure, He is seen with messy turquoise hair


He wears a yellow hoodie with bear ears, a purple nose and green eyes attached to his hood, He wears what looks like ripped/cut greyish-green shorts, white socks with 2 blue stripes on it and dark gold shoes, he also has three red scratch-like lines on both sleeves of his hoodie, looking like a scar


Tommy is shown to be very bubbly and hyper, but he is also pretty chill at some times, he is described as very goofy and silly to his voice actor, he's also shown to be a jokester. He is also described to be impressive of people, with him thinking that if you say anything with confidence, they'll believe it, so meaning he will lie just to impress everyone, like how he lies of riding a horse, when it reality, he is scared of them and can't ride them.


Alpha Team[]

He is shown to care about his friends, but at the same time, mess with them. He will insult Eddie when he doesn't wanna go through with their group game "Don't Touch the Floor"


Although he tends to hide it, He is heavily implied to have a crush on Stephen. In a Deleted Scene, He seems uncomfortable with the fact that Stephen likes the smell of him, but When he is caught trying sneak in a sex-doll resembling Stephen, into CIA Headquarters, he tries to laugh it off and say it's not his, it could possibly be the truth, but it is also revealed that he was caught with the sex-doll in his bed at one point, so this might be hinted that he does indeed like Stephen


Although they don't show much in their relationship, Ruby seems to laugh and enjoy his goofy and jokester behavior.


When introducing him to Darryl, he tries to correct Allison on what she describes him as, but she doesn't care and always ignores and cuts him off, so most likely, he doesn't have a positive view towards Allison.


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  • His Energy Division account password is shuckingcorn
  • Tommy has a CornHub account named Kernel Tommy Boxers
    • His account bio contains and hints out his TED account password.[1]
    • This is also shown in “This is Alpha Team” when he has a CornHub tab opened on his phone
  • According to his Tyler Wine, his voice actor, the ears on Tommy’s hood is supposed to look like cat ears, despite the fact they look like bear ears[2]
  • Tommy is hinted to be gay throughout the series so far.
    • He has been caught with the Stephen blowup doll at one point in his bed[3]
      • In "CIA Security Check", the same doll is in his suitcase when entering CIA, when Jane takes it out, showing everyone, Tommy gets nervous and tries to explain that it's not his.
    • He is shown to be nervous and uncomfortable around women, as shown in this teaser photo.[4]
  • In "This is Alpha Team", Tommy is hinted to have Equinophobia (fear of horses) throughout the episode.
    • In the same episode, he lies to his friends that he can ride horses, but doesn't attempt to actually ride one nor prove it. Towards the end, after he attempts to ride a horse, only to get his head smashed and killed by the same horse, he runs into the control room where everyone's at and admits he can't ride horses.