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Stephen is a major supporting character of Alpha Betas, He is the assistant of Allison, and Alpha Team's 'biggest fan', He is charged with filling Alpha Team's personal needs, which he doesn't mind one bit as he'll do anything in his power to please them.

He is voiced by Brent Morin



Stephen is shown to be somewhat chubby pale figure with a double chin, he has light-brunette hair.


He wears a white shirt and a dark-green button-up suit over with a red tie. He wears dark-indigo pants with black and grey shoes.


Stephen is shown to be very giddy and bubbly, he is never shown to be angry or have a shitty behavior. He is nice to almost everyone, He doesn't hide the fact that he is Alpha Team's biggest fan, as he will do anything to please them. He is seen as "The Nice Guy" even when compared to Allison.



In an exclusive scene, it is heavily implied that Stephen likes Tommy, and Tommy finds it creepy and uncomfortable, but when it is revealed that he tried to sneak in the sex-doll resembling him into CIA Headquarters, Stephen is surprised but finds it "Extraordinary"

Alpha Team[]

Stephen is Alpha Team's #1 Biggest Fan, he will do almost anything in his power to please them, He has a good relationship with them as he's always the first to tell them about what mission they have. At first, he mistakes the sex-doll they all had made of him, as a Friendship-Doll, But after Ruby corrects him, He seems disappointed and upset about it, but then immediately doesn't mind it and starts admiring it.

Bravo Team[]

Stephen is fully aware that Bravo Team's only job is to make Alpha Team mess up in their missions so Allison could fire them, and he doesn't seem to resent them, as he cheerfully greets them at the end of the pilot.


Stephen is Allison's assistant, its unknown what relationship they have, for all we know, Stephen seems to follow her everywhere, and often wonder why she doesn't like Alpha Team, even asking her what's the problem of the way they do things.


Its unknown what relationship they have as well, but, it looks as if Ruby corrects him on stuff he thinks is wrong, with her trying to correct him mistakenly taking the sex-doll of him as a friendship doll.


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  • At the end of "This is Alpha Team", He is revealed to be a robot, instead of being an actual human.
  • this would complicate a few things in the show, like his crush on Tommy and Alpha Team making a sex-doll of him, not knowing he's not even a real human.
    • This would also explain why he's always super nice to everyone and doesn't seem to hate anyone. It could be possible that he was programmed to just be nice all the time.
    • Its unknown who created/built him, but Allison and Bravo Team are so far the only ones who know this fact.
      • It might be possible, albeit unconfirmed, that Allison built him, as she is not phased or surprised when he transforms into a vacuum
  • He is the only person to know that Bravo Team work at CIA just to make Alpha Team fail their missions, despite him being their #1 Fan.
  • Stephen is one out of 4 characters who wear glasses in the entire show
  • Stephen has been revealed to be attracted to men.
    • In "This is Alpha Team", He doesn't seem to mind the fact that Alpha Team, who are all male, have made a blow-up sex doll of him, in fact, he seems flattered by it.
    • In a Live-Stream hosted by Tyler Wine, Marcel Cunningham confirms that Stephen is attracted to Tommy.
      • Stephen's crush on Tommy has been teased through-out the series so far. In "CIA Security Check", Stephen grabs Tommy to smell him and raises his eyebrows up and down at Tommy when he asks what hes doing, later in the same clip, he seems flattered and amazed by the fact that Tommy keeps the blow-up doll resembling him. In the Pilot, his interactions with Tommy isn't shown as much, but he is seen placing his hand over his shoulder towards the end.