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" And Mason, ballistics, think's sarcasm is a personality trait "

- Allison, when introducing Alpha Team, "This is Alpha Team"

Mason is one of the main protagonists of Alpha Betas.

He is voiced by Marcel Cunningham



He is a short, thin and black figure, the shortest out of the rest of his friends, he is shown to have long raven-colored braids on his hair


He is shown to wear a white shirt with a purple and yellow jacket over it, he wears dark green pants with grey shoes, he also wears circular glasses on his face.


He is described as sarcastic and thinks it's a personality trait, he is also the one who will point out the Elephant in the room and shove it in everyone's face. He is also seen to be very chill and smug, almost trying to appear intimidating. He's shown to have almost no energy to deal with things himself.


Alpha Team[]

He see's Alpha Team as his best friends (like the rest of them), He likes to pick at them and laugh at them when they make either dumb decisions or just being weird in general, at first, he didn't trust them when they suggested they meet up in real life before joining The Energy Division, since he thought they were all 40 year old virgins trying to murder him.


He is shown to have a somewhat close relationship with Ruby, even teasing her and annoying her at some-times, he seems to enjoy bugging her until she looks like she's had enough of his shit. They have something similar to a brother-sister relationship.


Not much is shown about their relationship, but, he seems to be somewhat scared of her after he tried sneaking a rocket launcher into CIA Headquarters and she insulted him about it.


Not much is shown in their relationship but he seems to not mind his company.


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  • Mason's Energy Division account password is breadsticks
    • This could be a reference to one of Marcel Cunningham's "Olive Garden Free Breadsticks" joke in a GMod video.[1]
  • Mason is the shortest character out of everyone else.
  • Mason is one out of 4 characters who wear glasses in the entire show