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" We have Eddie, runs point, self-important try-hard "

- Allison, when introducing Alpha Team,  "This is Alpha Team (Pilot Episode)"

Eddie is one out of the four main protagonists of Alpha Betas



Eddie is a tall, muscular and pale figure, being taller than the rest of his best friends, He is seen with brunette-coloured hair with a bunny-shaped hair tip on top of his hair.


He wears a maroon shirt with orange stripes at the end of his sleeves and an orange logo in the center, along with blue pants. He is shown to wear red socks with raven-black shoes.


He is the obnoxious and impressionable out of the rest of Alpha Team, he is the first to and the last to give up. He has a cocky-try hard demeanor, but is also described to be very awkward. He is heavily based off his Voice Actors personality. He is also shown to be somewhat flirtatious when flirting with his crush, Ruby, and always shown to be embarrassed and upset when either she dismisses his feeling or his friends point out his behavior.


Alpha Team

He is the Leader of the group, his considers Alpha Team as his best friends as he's known them for a long time, even before they were wrapped up in the CIA's business, he knew them over video games and loves to protect him, but he also gets annoyed when they peg him down a notch and point out his weird and flirty behavior.


Although not much is shown in their relationship, Eddie seems to trust Allison, despite not knowing that she has another team being the reason they are going on missions in the first place.


Not much is shown in their relationship either, but it's shown that Stephen very much admires him, along with the rest of Alpha Team.


Eddie is shown to have a crush on Ruby, but whatever feelings he has for her, she doesn't reciprocate, he is shown to be very flirty with her, often trying to get closer to her or ask her out, but every time it fail's and his friends laugh at him for it, he gets embarrassed and doesn't talk about it. He also wonders why she is nice to everyone else except for him, though it's pretty obvious.


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  • Like his voice-actor, Eddie is of Asian-Canadian descent
    • This is confirmed from they way he pronounces "Sorry" in the Pilot.
  • On a livestream hosted by the cast of Alpha Betas, Eddie is described as a "Gay character" by his voice-actor, Evan Fong, then moments later, Tyler Wine agreed with Eddie being called a "Bisexual King"
    • Thus, somewhat confirming that Eddie is canonically Bisexual
    • This also encouraged the main cast expressing interest of giving Eddie a male love-interest in a future episode