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Allison is a major supporting character, and one of the main antagonists in Alpha Betas. She is the Head of CIA's The Energy Division, she is a tough, smart, and relentlessly driven woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, except Alpha Team

She is voiced by Paget Brewster



She is a tall, slim and pale figure, she is shown to have chin-length raven hair


She wears a white shirt with burgundy colored blazer and pants, gold colored necklace and earrings, and black heels, she also wears rosy-pink lipstick.


She is shown to be really strict and straight-forward, she is described to be smart, tough relentlessly driven. She climbed the military ladder her entire life, which means she doesn't take any bullshit from anyone who isn't Alpha Team, so it may be hinted that she has a soft spot for her co-workers. She is also shown to be cruel and dismissive of Alpha Team, as she holds a deep hatred for them because of their immature and childish behavior.


Alpha Team[]

She is very open about her hatred towards Alpha Team, as she thinks she's stuck with them until they can fail a missions so she could fire them, it gets to the point where she hires a completely different team in secret, to sabotage their missions and make them fail, and she often gets disappointed when they successfully finish their mission, but it's hinted that deep down, she actually cares about Alpha Team and has a soft spot for them.

Bravo Team[]

Allison hired Bravo Team to sabotage Alpha Team's missions, so she is sort-of like their boss as well. She often gets disappointed and frustrated when they fail to thwart Alpha Team.


Not much is known about their relationship, most likely they just talk only about work, but it is somewhat hinted that Ruby trusts Allison in some way, to the point where she will hug her sometimes with Allison feeling confused and uncomfortable.


Stephen is Allison's assistant, it is unknown if Allison made Stephen as a robot, but she doesn't mind the fact that Bravo Team now know that Stephen is a robot, it is also shown that Stephen follows her everywhere.


Allison is shown to be resentful and hateful towards Darryl when he threatens her job, to the point where at the end of the pilot episode, She orders Bravo Team to kill him.

Unnamed Husband[]

Although, We haven't seen him yet, Allison is revealed to be married. Their relationship is unknown.


Nothing here... yet.


  • Allison's design and traits is similar to The Administrator from Team Fortress 2. Both have a redish-pink suits, black short hair, both deeply disliking their co-workers (Allison with Alpha Team, Administrator with RED and BLU team) and both having loyal assistants (Administrator with Miss Pauling, Allison with Stephen, sometimes Ruby)
  • In "This is Alpha Team", Allison mentions she has a husband, but her design shows no wedding ring on any of her fingers.
    • This could either mean that she's divorced, as CIA doesn't seem to have a policy that require taking off wedding rings.